“Martin’s displays a great deal of respect and integrity to patients, employees, and the staff at associated affiliations.” – Dr. K
“My mother has been using Martin’s ambulances for a couple of years now for dialysis appointments. She was beginning to give up as she was getting tired. The crew members comforted her and changed her mind. I called to praise the 2 gentlemen that have been transporting her, as they gave her hope and her smile back.”- Jewel I
“My father is a large man and it is not easy to maneuver him around his house or his yard. Martin’s team is very cautious with him and themselves while transporting. I can’t thank you enough for everything that you do for my family.”- Glenda W
“My husband is bed bound and has to be transported. Martin’s has made it possible for him to get the treatments he needs and the crew looks after me, even though I am not a patient. I consider them my family.”- Paula B
“Martin’s crew is familiar with all its patients. If they see a patient is done early, they promptly get the patient back to their homes.”   -Nurse Q
“Martin’s regularly has patient’s on-time for their appointments.” -Nurse T
“Martin’s has gone above and beyond to help me out over the year. They have kept a smile on my face while transporting me and when needed took me to the hospital. Every day I praise the lord for another day I get to spend with my family.” Chris M
“I don’t like the reasons I have to use Martin’s but I like their service and love their crews.” -Jamie W
“My crew takes good care of me. Martin’s is there for me whenever I need them. If I have a schedule change, they are more than happy to adjust things to make sure my needs are met.”- David H
“Thank God for Martin’s. Our old ambulance provider was constantly late picking up our aged and sickly mother, for her weekly dialysis treatments. We switched to Martin’s and we couldn’t be happier; they are on time and very caring with our mother.” Mari J