Our staff is highly dedicated to ensure our patients medical needs are met in a professional, timely and caring manner.
The majority of our employees have been with Martins for many years. As a result, all are highly qualified in dialysis patient care.
Martin’s EMT’s are assigned to individual patients; allowing us to provide individualized attention to each and every patient, forming an extremely close bond between the crew and patients.
Our competitors, however, do not provide dedicated crews for dialysis transport; generally they have different crews/routes every day, so they do not build a rapport with their patients.
Our crews meet with their respective patients multiple times a week, all year, ensuring the best of care based on an established relationship with our staff and crews along with the dialysis centers we service.
We understand that providing care and transporting loved ones can be time consuming… Allow our family to assist your family.Martin’s….Building a Bond to last a Lifetime!